Skylar (a Kelly son) and his canine buddys !!

McKittycreek Finnegan

McKittycreek Yukon Jack at 10 months

McKittycreek Jakob

McKittycreek Bailey lives with Valerie Boyle in Erie, PA

In February of 2012, I groomed McKittycreek Nicholas. He is pictured to the right at the age of 17 years old! He is the son of our beloved GC, GP, NW Masteast Jonathon Edwards of McKittycreek, DM.

Jonathan had a big influence in the Maine Coon Breed of today. His son is really looking pretty good for his age. Johnathon earned his National Win at the age of 10!! OK, maybe Nicholas is not considering a run for a NW. His color and pattern has faded some, he maybe doesn’t see quite as well as he did… but for 17 years old, dont you think he looks pretty remarkable?

McKittycreek Nicholas

McKittycreek Seta

McKittycreek Benjamin lives in California with Patti Meyers, and his puppy friends

McKittycreek Emmett

I’m Jake, (Jigsy’s boy) and I live with Joan and Steve in Erie

Malley and her canine friend Buoy. At their Home in New York

Special Delivery! McKittycreek Rambo lives in a mailbox in Erie! Just kidding!

McKittycreek Buster, Pictured at the ripe old age of 15!

McKittycreek’s Baron Manfred lives in Schoharie County, NY

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